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Siber Special Projects, a luxury glazing firm, approached us seeking a comprehensive rebranding strategy to align its visual identity with its long-term vision.Together, we embarked on a creative process that led to the creation of their new name, VUE.Capturing the essence of their excellence in architectural engineering, aesthetic prowess, and precision.

A new view for VUE

To effectively rebrand Siber Special Projects, we focused on unlocking their vision and aspirations for the future.Diving deep, we gained insight into their unique position in the market. We worked to uncover what made Siber Special Projects stand out amongst the competition.

Our exploration found that Siber Special Projects' true essence extended beyond merely manufacturing windows.It became clear that their windows were not just functional elements; they were the catalysts for extraordinary views. It was at this moment our team experienced a breakthrough during a creative session.The phrase, "It's not just a window, it's a view," perfectly encapsulated the company's core value proposition.

Inspired by the concept of creating breathtaking views through their meticulously crafted window systems, we conceptualized the name "VUE." The word instantly resonated with the team and represented the fusion of Siber Special Projects' architectural expertise and the immersive experiences their windows offered.To further enhance the brand's identity, we wanted to infuse a European essence into the name, acknowledging the origins of their production.In French, "VUE" means sight or seen, which aligned perfectly with Siber Special Projects' focus on producing windows that not only frame views but also create remarkable visual experiences.

The rebranding process extended beyond the name alone. We developed a comprehensive strategy to encompass all aspects of the brand, including logo design, visual identity, messaging, and communication materials. The logo design incorporated sleek lines and elegant typography, symbolizing the company's commitment to precision and refined craftsmanship.Once the rebranding strategy was finalized, we worked closely with the VUE team to implement the new brand across various touchpoints. This included updating their website, marketing collateral, signage, and digital assets. The rollout strategy aimed to create excitement and curiosity among their target audience, highlighting the evolution of Siber Special Projects into VUE and reinforcing their reputation for excellence.

A VUE of the future

The rebranding initiative successfully positioned Vue as the premier provider of high-end glazing solutions. The new brand identity resonated with both existing and potential clients, establishing VUE as synonymous with exceptional architectural engineering, exquisite aesthetics, and unparalleled precision. As VUE moves forward, they are well-equipped to expand their market presence, elevate their industry reputation, and realize their ambitious five-year plan.The rebranding of Siber Special Projects into VUE represents a transformative journey that captures the company's unique strengths and distinguishes them from its competitors. The creation of VUE as a name and brand identity perfectly encapsulates their commitment to creating awe-inspiring views through their exceptional window systems. With a refined European vibe and a deep connection to its core values, VUE is positioned for continued success in the high-end glazing market.